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WHCA Neighborhood Watch

Making life tough for the criminal

Crime is a serious problem. We all know that. Yet a lot of it can be prevented if only we would take away the criminal�s opportunity. If we stopped making it easy for him.

Contrary to what you may think, the average mugger or burglar is not a cold, calculating criminal genius. He�s an opportunist looking for an easy victim. And many of us are very accommodating. We help him by leaving doors unlocked, by letting strangers in, by taking shortcuts through alleys.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch is to communicate how, by using simple, common sense techniques; you can substantially reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a crime. We encourage you to be prevention conscious.

No one can make themselves totally impregnable to crime. But everyone can take steps to make the criminal�s job harder and his chances of success slimmer. Joining together as a Neighborhood and Watching out for one another is our first step.

WHCA Neighborhood Watch is working with the Haverford Township Community Policing Department to organize block captains so that information can be distributed throughout the neighborhood by blocks. Please return your survey to your block captain for coordination of our Neighborhood Watch.

For further information you may contact: info@westgatehillscivic.org or Sean Reilly at seanreillyalarms@yahoo.com.

Block Captains
  Block Captain Address Blocks
1   200s Glen Gary Drive
1400s West Chester Pike  
2 Bill Delaney 223 Wendover 200s Wendover Drive  
3 Jim Lajeunesse 1856 Windsor Park 200s Glen Ridge Road
1800s Windsor Park Lane  
4 Roseann Leonard 1837 Rose Tree 1800s Rose Tree Lane  
5 Dan Morris 334 Windsor Park 300s Windsor Park Lane  
6 Chrissie Shawver 301 Glen Ridge 300s Glen Ridge Road  
7   300s Glen Gary Drive  
8 Mike Cuozzo 1476 Windsor Park 1400s Windsor Park Lane  
9 Bob and Sandi Donato 119 Oxford Hill 100 - 300s Oxford Hill Lane  
10 Janice Ryan 128 Ivy Rock 100s Ivy Rock Lane
1500s/1600s West Chester Pike  
11 Scott Carpenter 231 Ivy Rock 200s Ivy Rock Lane  
12 Andrea McGonigle 300 Ivy Rock 300s Ivy Rock Lane  
13 Linda Marrical 144 Fairlamb Unit & 100s Fairlamb Avenue
1700s West Chester Pike  
14 Pat Keeney 219 Fairlamb 200s Fairlamb Avenue  
15 Fran Carbin 300s Fairlamb Avenue  
16   Unit & 100s Walnut Hill Lane  
17 Phil Daulerio 206 Walnut Hill 200s Walnut Hill Lane  
18 Chris Kenworthy 316 Walnut Hill 300s/400s Walnut Hill Lane  
19 Larry Gentile 137 Green Briar 100s Green Briar Lane  
20 Tricia Johnson 218 Green Briar 200s Green Briar Lane  
21 Kait Donnelly 216 Green Briar 300s Green Briar Lane & Rose Tree  
22 Mary Beth Murray 322 Crescent Hill 300s Crescent Hill Drive  
23 Bridgett Kane 7 Crescent Hill&RT Unit Block (Old) Crescent Hill Drive & Rose Tree  
24   300 (All) Francis Drive  
25   All Glendale  
Alt1 John Irons 1815 Rose Tree   
Alt2 JoEllen Paterson 235 Fairlamb   
Alt3 Karen Slater 232 Walnut Hill   

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