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July 10, 2015 (16.54)
John Davis
My late wife moved here in 1940. Her parents bought the house new.She grew up here,and we got married in 1954 and had our reception in the side yard.After we got married we lived in Alabama Hawaii, and Florida before moving back to the area… In 1976 we bought the house from her mother and have lived here since.l used to take walks with my wife and she could tell me the peoples names who lived in most of the houses in Westgate.

September 25, 2014 (09.25)
Chris Weller
In the late 50's (probably 1958), I attended Blithe Spirit, a play produced by the Westgate Players, in which both my parents appeared as actors. I'd be interested to know more about exactly when that performance occurred, and any other information about it. Thanks.

September 23, 2014 (16.36)
Joan Joeckel Rorke
My parents, May and Joe Joeckel, bought 206 Ivy Rock Lane when it was brand new--1939. I was eight years old; my sister Marie was
eleven. On the corner near us were Dottie and Howard Paulin--next door at 202 were Cy and Kay Bell. As I recall, there was no # 204 because 202 was a double lot, but I'm not positive about that. At 208 was a couple whose last name was Thomas. Further down the block was a girl about my age named Joan King, and at the end of Ivy Rock Lane lived Barbara Gill. Everyone I've mentioned was an original resident. Does anyone remember any of us?!!! I've moved sooo many times since then, including five years in Japan.

September 09, 2014 (15.45)
Joan Joeckel Rorke
I finished entering a message on your guestbook, and I then went to the Zillow site and--lo and behold--there's my childhood home, 206 Ivy Rock Lane, FOR SALE! If I didn't live in the San Francisco Bay area, I'd buy it! Incidentally, the price is amazing to me. Bought brand new, my folks paid $3,900 for that darling house. Where I live now, it would be close to a million.
I am not kidding.

September 09, 2014 (15.27)
Joan Joeckel Rorke
I just "stumbled" on to your website. I am an original resident of Westgate--my parents, May and Joe Joeckel, bought 206 Ivy Rock Lane when the houses were brand-new. It was 1939 and I was 8 years old! I remember many of the original residents; unfortunately, I'm sure most have passed away by now. I've moved so many times, including 5 years in Japan, that I've lost count. But I remember Westgate well, as we tend to recall childhood homes.
Do Westgate kids still go to Manoa School and Haverford High?

April 02, 2014 (09.50)
Danielle Clark
Hello - My husband and I and our 1 year old daughter will be moving into the Westgate Hills neighborhood. We are looking for a new daycare and were wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Danielle Clark

November 29, 2013 (14.09)
Served papers in the 'Hills' from 1966- 1968 delivered the Bulletin on WCP, Fairlamb, Windsor Park, Oxford Hill, and once on Ivy Rock. When I got married my wife's sister lived on Wendover till 1980. Played basketball at the 'Hill' courts from '68 till '72. A great place with lots of history and a community with comeraderie. Best Bulletin customer: Mr and Mrs Hartmann on Oxford Hill.

November 18, 2013 (22.33)
Mary Lou Comfort Dhannon
I grew up at 302 Ivy Rock Lane and would love to locate some of th other original residents. My folks bought their home in 1939 with one child and shortly thereafter my sister Sue and I came along. We had a great location backing to the playground. I have some great pictures of our street.

I remember a cabin in the playground that was used for the boy scouts and the night it burned to the ground. All the dads came out to help put out the fire. What a loss! I remember my mother acting in the local players group, street games with the other 46 kids on our block and Louige coming by with his ice cream truck summer evenings.

Love to get connected to others who grew up in Westgate Hills. Has any written a memoir about growing up there?
Mary Lou Comfort Shannon

December 04, 2011 (07.52)
Fran Alfonsi

My Name is Fran Alfonsi and live at 125 Greenbriar Lane
I need some help if there is anyone out of work or need
extra money. I need to someone to do the leaves on my
front lawn. And also will need someone to do my snow
removal for my driveway and side walk

My phone number is 610-789-3854

Thank you,

Fran Alfonsi

November 09, 2011 (17.26)
Kathy DiCicco
I live at 235 Walnut Hill Lane. This morning I found in my yard a key ring containing 4 keys, a Pathmark club card, a ShopRite club card, a Hair Cuttery client card, and a little green frog. I am trying to find the owner.

October 29, 2011 (10.26)
Greg Wittig
Wandering thru the internet, came upon your site. Was born, raised and lived on Glen Ridge from 49 to 76. Really was a great place to live. Spent countless hours at the playground playing: baseball (remember one of the Kennet boys hitting a line drive that unfortunatly hit Mr. Courtney coaching first base) and basketball (in the league started by one of us, John Lauer, with lights brought forth I think by Mr. Schmitt, first anywhere), guys from all over came to play (even the first 7 footer to every play there), remember when the boyscout building burned down and people setting fireworks off after Haverford won the state basketball crown. Many really good basketball players came from the playground. Westgate had a traveling kids basketball team when I was in grade school run by Mr. Hartman. I wasn't old enough to play, but he allowed me to come along one year and actually wear a jersey. Mr. Hartman also was very involved in the baseball played there, made me a short stop because I was too slow to be Richie Ashburn, and he was right. Remember, during the tennis craze being thrown off the court, by Mr. Jenkinson, for not wearing sneakers, it was one of the only clay courts in the area. After college I actually was the summer playground director for a year or two working for Mr. Juenger. Glen Ridge was the most outstanding sledding hill anywhere, especially when the older guys got the hoses out and iced down the hill. Prior to the addition of the new homes you could sled thru the end of the street into the fields. Good sledding ended with the advent of cinders with salt. Get back once a year to Alice (I believe the only original left on Glen Ridge) and Dick's Christmas train run.
Enjoy it!!

August 25, 2011 (14.44)
Alicia Sweeney
Hello All,

y husband and I live on Fairlamb ave and have for almost 5 years, we love our neighborhood and started our lives here. We are getting ready to welcome our second child in January 2012 and wanted to know if there is anyone who does childcare during the day either at their home in westgate hills or is willing to come to our house. This wouldnt be until i go back to work in April. We are a reliable family as I am a Parole Officer for Delco and my husband is a computer programmer. Our children would be 19 months and 3 months by the time we will need a sitter. Please le me know if anyone knows anyone who does this. Thanks! ALicia

June 30, 2011 (07.28)
Theresa Taggart
My husband and I recently purchased 231 Greenbrier Lane and I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the house when the patio and firepit were active. It looked like it was a place of fun memories at one time.

Theresa Taggart

May 11, 2011 (21.36)
Herb Fisher
My family was the 5th to move into Westgate. We lived at 147 Fairlamb. Bob Wetter was the muscle behind the Civic Assoc. One vivid memory was watching an outdoor movie at the playground on one of the holidays. Suddenly a car full of WW2 sailors flew over the embankment at the end of Oxford Hill Lane. They thought they were entering the 300 block of Ivy Rock La. Mom & Dad would not let me near so I am not sure if there fatalities. We also had a "shortcut"
to Manoa School when the 1st block of Walnut Hill La had no homes. We had a path down across Glendale Rd and up to Eagle Rd. My friends on Fairlamb Ave were Teddy & Billy Robinson, Ernie Curley, Johnny Jones. Memories.........

May 22, 2009 (22.40)
Dorothy D., Hi! This is Frank Langford, lived at 231 Oxford Hill Lane from 1940 on - now in Washington state.

February 11, 2009 (23.02)
Dorothy Develin Vanbinsbergen
Hi residents- I am an "original" Westgater, having moved into 224 Oxford Hill Lane around Sept. 1940, at age 1 year. Of course, I had some help from my parents, Ralph and Ann Develin, who lived there for 40 years. Tom Straub- the original owners of your house were the Vandewaters. I still miss good old Westgate, and spent a great childhood there. I have lived upstate NY for many years.

February 09, 2009 (02.47)
Dorothy (Develin) Vanbinsbergen
I was born in 1939. My parents bought a Westgate house (224 Oxford Hill Lane) and lived there until 1979. I have so many happy memories of growing up in Westgate. Memories of Bob Wetter, who was a mover, shaker, and worker for the playground... of Pat Patterson; the teacher who made the summer programs possible. What a great sense of community there was. I feel very privileged to have grown up here. I have fond childhood memories of Santa and his helpers coming around, of great Brownie meetings at Mrs. Fowler's, and of meeting my dear friend Joyce Bevier (yes, we are still in touch) at the top of Glen Gary Hill to ride our bikes together to Manoa School.

I also remember ATTEMPTING to skate to scool, and having to contend with the uneven pavement on Eagle Road.

I lived in Westgate until 1960, and have missed it ever since. My brother still lives in the Havertown area, and I get a couple of opportunities a year to come home. And it will always be home to me!

And, to be absolitely honest- to eat a cheese steak and a hoagie!

September 26, 2008 (23.31)
Michael Novino
I have been a resident since 1999, this is an outstanding community and look forward to the many future years.

December 18, 2007 (16.33)
Marita Donohue
You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for all you do!!

Long term resident and Realtor in Westgate Hill
144 Walnut Hill Lane.

December 10, 2007 (17.21)
Ciara mc gonigle
hey my names Ciara i actually live in ireland but i visit my dad and stepmom Anthony and Andrea mc gonigle every summer and i can remember going to one of the 4th july in westgatehills park it was soo fun.... i really like what you guys have for fun evry season and i think you shoud keep it up........ :) have a nice christmas (im coming on monday 17th)

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