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Attack on America Tribute

Westgate Hills Tribute to the WTC

September 2001
The community of Westgate Hills extends our condolences to all victims of the September 11th attack on the United States of America. Stories of American pride are slowly rising up out of the ashes, proving that our spirit is alive and stronger than ever. This is no more evident than in the massive display of American flags across our landscape.
We salute all the rescue workers who have to cope with the grim task of recovery that lies ahead. We salute all those individuals who spontaneously began cheering on these beleaguered workers in a united display of support. We salute our leaders who have joined together despite past differences to show the world that we are a united nation that will not tolerate attacks on our freedom, our way of life, our people.
Let's show our pride by displaying the American flag all across Westgate Hills.

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